The velocity of change is a huge opportunity for smart organisations

Change is faster, more ferocious and more ambiguous. It requires new thinking if we want success and impact as a business.

A business is a living organisms where we believe the wholeness, the progression and the transformation of people is key to business success. Whether you are in the midst of a restructuring; an up coming merger; or you want to be simply better; FORTY can support you in that journey.

Where FORTY usually gets involved

  • Change that does not last, a purpose that does not come alive
  • Old recipe for success doesn’t work anymore
  • Too much focus on short term goals at the expense of long term transformation
  • Identifying the ‘bright spots’ of culture and propagating that across the whole organisation
  • When problems repeat themselves over and over again
  • If you want a culture of agility, innovation and new-thinking – that lasts and delivers results

Next Steps

  1. We analyse your business in relation to the six pillars in our model
  2. We take a zero measurement, a bench mark that shapes the transformation journey, normally The Leadership Circle, Insights Discovery or Culture Survey
  3. We de-brief and create a journey plan. The plan sets an agreed destination based on the first two phases. This journey map is broken down to a series of practical and simple next steps focussing on an Agile way of working
  4. We begin

We work with the Organisation & Relational System Coaching (ORSC), Agile and Lean ways of working.