We work with a wide range of international businesses and non-profit organisations. Organisations who want to make a greater impact on the people, the profits and the planet. 

We have worked with and are journeying with these great organisations:

Below you will find various case studies that give a very specific overview of what we have been doing. We do not mention the client’s name.


Creating order, belonging and purpose

  • 2 min.

We were called by the CEO of one of our clients to help with the merger of another business. Specifically what would be the shared purpose of the new organisation and was there anything holding us back?

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The joys and the challenges of merging two competing organisations

  • 2min.

The Chairman of a Supervisory Board for National educational institution asked us to support him in merging two departments. The boards of both departments needed to integrate, work together and embrace a common set values and a shared vision. To make it more complicated: these two departments had been competitors for many years. How do you change from a spirit...

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How do you bring together teams, which only know anger, anxiety and mistrust?

  • 3 min.

We were called in by a National health authority to create some solid foundations and trust between four teams that were not working together - and needed to. We had 30+ people who hated coming to work. They loved the patients they worked with - but it stopped there. We had the top floor managers, night workers, day workers and...

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Is our business worthy of our customers trust?

  • 2 min.

We were asked by the head of Customer Strategy for one of our clients to help them truly understand the nature and the impact of trust. What is it? What does it mean? What does it feel like? And, most importantly - how do we get it? Trust is a feeling. You can't tell people to trust. You can't demand...

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Supporting cultural transformation in a global brand

  • 3min.

We were called by the Chief People Officer of a large international organisation based in London. They wanted to get a grip on the culture they needed in order to drive the transformation. We worked with the Leadership Circle Culture Survey to an accurate idea of where people thought the culture was and, perhaps most importantly, where they would like it...

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