Creating order, belonging and purpose

  • 2 min.

Creating a shared purpose to live by

We spent two intense but super productive and energising days together. There was a lot happening under the surface and this was first real opportunity to give that ‘feeling’ a voice and a shape. We wanted to know what was not being said and was not being talked about. We worked with Lego Serious Play a systemic approach to give us a more visual and nuanced articulation of the challenges.

The room consisted of so many different systems – all coming in to play. Different races, different countries, international & local, large & small, big ambitions and conservative agendas.

When you look at the model we use at FORTY, a few elements were clearly our of balance in the teams. Exchange, purpose, belonging and order in were not aligned. We spent two days focussed on these challenges.

We spent a morning looking at some of the misinterpretations that existed and created a sense of order so that everyone was clear where he and she existed within the system.

We redressed the balance of give and take. Parties who felt they were giving their all and receiving nothing back could express that and, together, find a better balance. A task team was set up to start work the next day back in the office – specifically on the issue of creating balance for everyone involved.

We then spent a day looking at Purpose – why do we exist and what is it we want to, and are uniquely positioned to do.

Finally – after two days together we had shaped our purpose, created some order, created some balance in the exchange of give & take and had a group of people who truly felt they belonged.