How to create psychological safety in the workplace

We have all been in those meetings where people are there in body but not in spirit. They try to participate, to be in the room but they radiate zero interest, passion or even energy. Why?

Do people feel safe to make mistakes, to express a difference of opinion with each other or with you? Do they bring in the best of themselves or did they give up on their initial strength and passion?

We crave safety as a species. Since we climbed down from the trees our biology and chemistry has evolved around one central tenant: find a safe space. That was found through relationships, two is stronger than one. Central to that was the feeling of trust. If we, as a species, trust each other in working together, we increase our chance of survival.

Psychological safety (and of course physical safety) is key to creating happy, productive and meaningful workplaces. Google Aristotle project lists it as a key attribute to any successful team. We’re going to explore the issue of creating Psychological Safety within the system of your team and workplace:

  • How can you make your team a safe place?
  • How do you rebuild safety when it’s been lost?
  • How do you cope with fear within your team?

We will explore these issues, look at what other organisations do and dive in to the systemic nature of psychological safety itself – exploring together how to create it, today.

The workshop is being run by Vincent de Klerk and Ben Wickham

Date, Time & Location

Thursday, 11 April 2019
18:30 – 21:30 CET

1 B Gustav Mahlerplein
1082 MS Amsterdam

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