Belonging to a team that is fun, rewarding and makes an impact.

We support teams to become living, dynamic, highly functional organisms that move, deliver and excel as one.

Teams exist because the sum of the parts is greater than the individuals.

Teams are built on trust, a shared vision, a natural hierarchy and a balance in the give and take.

We work to create teams that are psychologically safe, purpose driven, deliver impact and have a clear set of principles in how they work together.

Where FORTY gets involved:

  • Re-energising and re-focusing the team priorities and output
  • Working through solutions for high rates of fatigue, sickness and stress
  • Creating breakthroughs in repeating conflicts or patterns in team collaboration
  • Merging companies, departments and teams
  • Creating psychological safety

Next Steps

  1. Where is the team positioned with the six aspects in our model
  2. We align with other members of the team – usually via an anonymous survey, telephone calls or face to face
  3. We take a zero measurement, a bench mark that shapes the transformation journey. Usually we would use The Leadership Circle, Culture Survey or Insights Discovery
  4. A half-day working with the team on the results and refining their shared purpose (ambition)
  5. Finalise the concrete road map

We work with the Organisation & Relational System Coaching (ORSC) and Leadership Circle as a foundation for our team work. All our coaches and facilitators are trained in TLC, ORSC and are ICF certified