Our Model

We have developed a framework for working together with our clients. It creates the common language and the basis for the impact that you want to have and that we will deliver.



Simply put – fitter and better equipped to thrive in the 21st Century. Its the impact you want your business, teams and yourself to have. It requires balance in each of the individual elements of the model. The more focussed and specific attention each element receives the deeper the impact, but every element has to be in play.


Every system thrives on a common purpose. A reason for being. We start with diving in to your organisation to define your shared purpose and where that is not clear, we help you create it. We align the story and purpose that shapes who you are, what you will become and the impact you will have. Not a window sticker – but something created from the organisation as a whole: the seen and unseen, expressed and unexpressed. Your organisational DNA, heritage and future brought together in narrative that shapes the entire system.


These are the living, breathing heart beats of your system. People desire to feel safe, empowered, useful and loved. No longer do they sit behind machines like automatons with a half hour break for lunch. These are individuals, systems in their own right who desire to be whole, progressing, excelling and belonging. So our question to you is simple, what kind of people do you need for your organisation to be successful in the 21st Century?


If people are the heartbeat, processes are the blood vessels. The critical infrastructure that shapes everything in the business. Process can be a driver or a provider. It can shape you, your culture and your client experience or it can provide a flexible framework for you to grow and transform. Which do you have? Which would you like?


The balance of give and take is critical in a system. If it is out of balance, the system (and the people) will start to wobble, and become less efficient. Individuals need to receive back what they give. Not just in remuneration but in broader emotional, physical, mental and spiritual terms.


Systems have a natural hierarchy. Knowing your place in that hierarchy is critical to delivering result in a seamless and inclusive way. But this is not just about chains of command and business managers. There is an order in every system, a natural way of working and co-existing together. Your friendship groups have an order, your family has an order. Misunderstand or not know your place in those orders will lead to a lack of clarity, productivity and stability.


To belong is one of the most basic and primal of human needs: to belong is to survive. There are two forces at work: wanting to belong and being allowed to belong. When you belong, as your whole self to a community, a team or a business – then you can realise a deeper sense of peace, commitment and energy for that group of people. People who truly belong to the system are the ones that make the difference. Do people want to belong to your organisation, to your system,  to you as a leader?