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FORTY is a global network of sherpas, guides and leaders who work together to bring about transformation in people, teams and businesses

We’re like the Avengers but a touch less angry.

Ben Wickham

+31 638 638 067



It took me 20 years of building various careers and leading creative businesses – before discovering that I wanted to do something that made a genuine difference. Now I can safely say I have combined my years of experience and passion and found something I love. Supporting organisations and CEO’s discover their purpose then bring that to

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through the culture they instil.

I have become immersed in Systemic methodologies and how people are so much richer than how they may appear to be on the surface. I’m trained in using play to help people express the inexpressible, the Leadership Circle and the Leadership Culture Survey and C-Level facilitation.Typically I work with large international brands like Philips, Signify, Cognizant, Edwards Lifesciences, ASML and Deliveroo.

I work between London and Utrecht, where I’m based, living with my beautiful wife and son.

Vincent de Klerk

I am absolutely fascinated by the psychology of change within organisations. When the most obvious does not work, I get involved.

For the last 25 years I have been working with individual coaching, leadership and team development; chairmanship & process guidance at meetings; designing development paths, conferences and meetings; systemic advice and organization constellations.

I mostly guide (international)

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and individuals in their development, all levels. I am particularly fascinated by the dynamics within and between people. Mostly when the most obvious does not work and when it comes to the human side of change. I use organizational science, psychological and anthropological perspectives such as the Systems Approach, organization and family Constellations, the Gestalt Approach, Group Relations, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Analysis, and Insights Discovery. I use these approaches creatively and unconventionally in co-creation with the client. I am creative, clear and in a safe way confrontational towards measurable results.

Yvonne Looye

I love to support people and business and their journeys of discovery and change.

I have spent 12 years in executive coaching, leadership development and change management  and still every day brings something new. I have the honour of working with individuals who are at the tops of their game yet still looking to go further

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who recognise that that means going deeper.
I want people to use the whole gamut of their emotions in their decision making, ambitions and growth.

I have over 30 years of corporate career experience that provides the base for being seasoned sparring partner for board members and executives. Add to that, 23 years of marriage and bringing two independent children into the world – I feel like there is no challenge I cannot take on and overcome 🙂

My clients can be found in both profit and not for profit sectors, local as well internationally.

Jelena Cvjetkovic

I’m passionate about human potential and i’m driven by change.

My life has always been subject to change, be it by choice, or because life presented me with changes. Due to my life experiences I developed a great interest in human behaviour and potential. I like to go to the core of being human – ones

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autonomy and identity. This has become a great driver in everything I do. Only from the core and with trust we can grow, change and transform.

To get to the core I use different elements from the attachment theory and Identity Oriented Psychotrauma therapy. From a systematic approach I support clients in their personal, leadership and cultural transformation.

Once we know who we are we can move to what we want and reach our full potential.

For more than 10 years I have supported international organisations, teams and individuals in their full capacity for growth and transformation. As a coach and facilitator of transformation I bring transformation journeys to life.

I share my life with Tim and I enjoy practicing yoga, running and above all dancing tango.

Johan Buitenga

+ 31 652 316 111



Until my early forties my actions were driven by what I thought others expected of me. I only discovered my inner needs and strengths in a transformation triggered by a personal crisis. Ever since, these inner drives have been leading how I live which, in turn, have made me a more confident and happy person.

Professionals, leaders

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face many complex challenges in the areas of finance, risk & governance, and strategy & leadership. My passion is to support organisations unravel these challenges. In that I support professionals and leaders to find their inner strengths and become more creative, have a greater impact and be just happier in what they do.

I’ve travelled the world, living in Oman, London, Moscow and Manilla. I’ve enjoyed the diversity of moving from commercial roles to risk management and being a Chief Auditor at ING.

In parallel I developed from being a finance specialist into a manager and leader focussing on organisational and cultural change and transformation. In that I shifted from influencing primarily through the rational and content to influencing through human behaviour. Next to work I have always been involved in matters important to society like being a city council member. In this phase of my life I choose to help people and organisations to unleash their inner strengths in the openness of a new organisation.

I share my life with Lonneke and we enjoy being with people, for example, we love cooking and organising dinners, running, hiking and just being in nature.

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