Alongside our work with clients, we run workshops every six-weeks (ish) to equip, inspire and let individuals make significant steps in their own personal development.

The sessions are designed for leaders and professionals who want to go deeper and have more impact in their professional lives. Whilst there is a solid amount of content in the sessions, they are by definition interactive, about experiencing and experimenting. But not in a weird way 😉 If you want to know more – just send a message.

Happy Worklplace

A systemic approach to creating a happier and more productive work place

Happiness is a little bit of a buzz work when it comes to the work place. But what does it really mean to be happy at work and what is the ultimate impact on productivity and profitability. "Happiness" in all is myriad of guises can have a positive impact on sales, employee rendition, employer branding and stock price. Forbes Top...

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How to create psychological safety in the workplace

We have all been in those meetings where people are there in body but not in spirit. They try to participate, to be in the room but they radiate zero interest, passion or even energy. Why? Do people feel safe to make mistakes, to express a difference of opinion with each other or with you? Do they bring in the...

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An Introduction to the Leadership Circle

How would you like to lead? Do you play to win? Or, are you playing not to loose? Do you lead from anxiety, control and compliance or from self awareness, relationship and achieving? In this workshop you will play with, experience and put yourself in to the Leadership Circle. It is unique amongst 360 surveys and is the only instrument...

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